How to play this game?



Control the device with a mouse or a touchscreen. Angry Birds uses a slingshot-like indicator to throw the ball. You have five chances to hit the ball into the hole. In case you fail, you can restart the level by pressing the refresh button in the upper right corner. Have a great day!


Greetings and welcome to Blocku Golf 2. Using the theme of mini golf, this game follows the adventures of a red ball. A wide range of levels are waiting for you, from easy to difficult. Is it possible to pass everything? Playing this simple but complex game will keep you hooked for quite some time. Compete with your friends and go further and further. You will be able to unlock new levels every time you play. Every level in Blocku Golf 2 is different. The only thing you need to do is kick the ball into the hole. All right, that’s it! There is only one rule: you can only have five values to pass the level. Five ratings only! You will also face other obstacles on the way to success. They include moving platforms, blocks, chasms, sharp saws, and explosive TNT. What do you think? Blocku Golf 2 is a very addictive and fun game that mixes minimalism with addictive gameplay, steeped in hardcore level passing, like in Bounce or Gravity Defied. It’s time to pass the level after the increase!