How to play this game?



  • Hold LMB and move the mouse to aim.
  • Release LMB to strike the golf ball.
  • Scroll to zoom.
  • Press C to switch the camera.
  • Press L to toggle the light.


Play Mini Golf Club for free and compete against other players. Fast-paced sports game where you compete against 6 players. You can challenge your friends globally or have fun with your friends. A random person from your selected region will be matched with you in a public match. You can create private matches and invite your friends to them. There are hundreds of challenging levels to complete. Take advantage of shortcuts and look out for tricky obstacles. Learn how to master dynamic elements in each course. Boost your speed by jumping over jump zones. Levels can be completed in multiple ways, increasing the game’s replayability. The goal of each match is to complete three holes in as few strokes as possible. You win if your score is the same as the other players. In addition to cosmetics such as hats and trails, matches award coins that can be spent on cosmetics. Stand out from the crowd with a custom ball.